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Environmental Permits

A free and open-source service making it easy for citizens and conservationists to understand environmental permissions granted in the UK

For most environmentally significant activities, whether cutting down a tree, burning waste, interfering with wildlife or prospecting for oil, you must first be granted a permit by Her Majesty’s Government.

These permits are issued by a variety of bodies, such as The Environment Agency, Natural England, DEFRA, The Oil & Gas Authority, and local authorities.

Together they form the foundation for all conservation work in the UK.

Environment Pollution
Solar Panels on Roof

Environmental Permit Data Service: Phase II

Project Update: October 2022

The discovery phase of the project is now complete, and the team is moving on to the next phase of our work - building more features that will make the service useful for different groups of people including caseworkers, policymakers, researchers, journalists, activists and local residents. 

Read our latest project update here.


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